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Lyrics by Catherine & Graeme Thomson
You'd think that with the plethora of fabulous songs out there and more talented lyricists than you can shake a stick at, I'd never be at a loss for what to sing.  Sadly, sometimes there's an itch that must be scratched, and the right words have to be smithed on the home fires.  Here's a few of the parodies/pastiches Graeme & I have penned to address specific needs or sentiments.  Click on the song title for the lyrics sheet.  (Because the navigation on this DIY site is a bit wonky,  you'll need to hit the back arrow key to return to the site once you've accessed the lyrics.) You are welcome to use them with proper attribution, but, first, please send me a note of the date, location and show in which you plan to use them.  
Set-up to the song from Recognition, a cabaret performed with Duncan Moore and Mark Burnell in Chicago in 2010:

What was to have been two years in London became nearly 2 decades in Europe, Africa and Asia.  Somewhere in all that, what was to have been ‘till death do us part’ died, and we parted.  I carried on moving and survived on a diet of serial….serial monogamy….along the way I picked up a lot of foreign tongues…that’s how I met my 2nd husband.


Finally, in 2006 I came back to Chicago…and East Lakeview…and my husband, Graeme, an Englishman, came with me.  Although we spent the first year doing the green card shuffle…coming into the US for no more than 90 days before leaving for at least 21, it really wasn’t very long before all the paperwork was in place, and I declared that, regardless of with whom he was eating his ‘serial’, I would support him financially forever.  He became a legal alien and green card holder.


I have many American friends whose husbands are also foreigners, but none of them can dance the green card shuffle.  Some, whose husbands now live in America, fear they may be called to the deportation disco.  Others rack up thousands of frequent flyer miles trapped in the tourist visa two-step.  Why was it so easy for the US government to recognize my marriage to Graeme, but not the marriages of my friends? Because these friends, like their husbands, are also men.   It is for them, and one in particular, that I wrote this parody of a Broadway favorite.  I hope you’ll enjoy - Anthony’s Lament.
This pastiche was penned by Graeme Thomson for the Dangerous Women promotional video recorded by Catherine, Anita Kallen and Mark Burnell in 2011.
This pastiche of Route 66 was written by Catherine & Graeme Thomson in celebration of music in Chicago for the Chicago Cabaret Professionals 2011 Gala.